Optical Design

HNU PHOTONICS  optical fabrication expertise ranges from optical elements, to subsystems, to fully integrated passive and active telescope systems. HNu’s complete in-house optical fabrication, electronics labs and fully equipped machine shops facilitate rapid prototyping and low volume production.

SWIR Systems

HNu designs specialized SWIR systems to detect a new class of complex and sophisticated threats under difficult environmental conditions. HNu’s SWIR systems utilize a specially designed rugged lightweight optical system with specialized materials to provide an extremely high level of system performance and to meet extremely challenging system operational requirements. 

Features include:

High throughput large aperture active refocus SWIR imager; Fast F/2 optical system; Built-in motorized filter assembly allows fast input beam modulation; On-board laser illuminator provides active imaging and ranging capability; lightweight rugged design is high shock high acceleration capable; Environmental enclosure with optical window provides maritime operability; integral high dynamic stability mechanical interface provides universal interface mounting; High performance passive and active SWIR imaging from 950 to 1,650 nm band; extended target range with motorized refocus from 100 m to 100 km; Diffraction-limited imaging performance; high throughput: input window-to-sensor path designs for high shock and vibration; lightweight, compact and low power draw; computer controlled refocus, filter selection, thermal control and data acquisition; wide field extended range passive and laser illuminated active imager; ultra-high performance optical performance with athermal opto-mechanical design and SiC mirrors (optional) and sapphire windows; optimum selection of material for extreme environment:  sapphire window, SiC mirrors, titanium metering structure, faraday cage design for sensor compartment; Kinematic and athermal design provides repeatable and deterministic support to optics; high dynamic stiffness design assures static and dynamic stability; sealed enclosure with built-in thermal conditioning and EMI;

HNu’s SWIR system designs combine a unique and proprietary optical telescope design, rugged, lightweight, and athermal mechanical and optomechanical design, as well as an integration of camera and laser illumination components.

Feature Headline

  • Quantum Efficiency
  • Read Noise
  • Dark Current
  • Linearity
  • Uniformity
  • Diffusion Mapping
  • Spectral Reflectance
  • Spectral Transmission
  • Light Source Spectral Output
  • Instrument Transfer Function

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