Phoenix is a Patented Live-Cell Transport System.

Overview of Phoenix

Phoenix was conceived and developed out of necessity by the SCORPIO-V team to transport living cell cultures to rocket launch sites in the United States to perform microgravity experiments onboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Phoenix will be utilized within the burgeoning cell therapy industry to transport sensitive cell therapies, stem cells, and regenerative medicines to patients worldwide. Phoenix alleviates the need to transport cell cultures in the frozen state with LN2 or dry ice over long distances, which is a destructive and time-consuming process.

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Maintains cell cultures at 37°C for up to 96 hours on rechargeable battery power during live-cell transportation. Battery for rapid reuse and easy access to USB data downloading.


Active data logging to record temperature and accelerometer conditions.


Sterile, disposable inner polymer container for ease of loading and unloading the cell culture in a sterile Biological Safety Cabinet.


The inner container can hold 2-3 T-25 flasks, a single T-175 flask, or some combination of flask sizes during a single shipment.

Phoenix Case Diagram