HNu Power

HNu Power has created a truly high-efficiency solar photovoltaic system SolarPlus, with 100% improvement in the efficiency of solar-energy generation. This cutting-edge advance substantially increases its differential advantage compared with conventional solar-energy generation, while improving profit margins for large-scale conversions to renewable energy. HNu Power is developing a standardized 1kW SolarPlus base module, which will be the largest power-output module on the market. The SolarPlus system can be scaled up to several mega-Watts for specific target markets.

The output of a conventional solar cell is limited to approximately 17% efficiency. The SolarPlus technology developed at Hnu Power, however, has the potential to achieve 43% efficiency through optical magnification enhancement. HNu Power is pioneering the use of high efficiency PV cells using solar concentrator technology. The result is a truly compact solar module utilizing substantially less PV material. SolarPlus concentrates light to produce 18 watts of power from a single high efficiency solar cell.

The largest cost component of a solar photovoltaic system is the cost of the solar cells themselves. It would require six conventional cells to provide the same power equivalent to that of a single cell in SolarPlus. Greater efficiency combined with optical magnification will result in significantly larger power output generated from a smaller footprint at a lower cost.

Utility scale solar farms incorporate tracking as a necessity to maximize power generation by maximizing the solar collection area.The collection area of a stationary panel is reduced to 70% when the sun is at 45 degrees from the normal to the panel and is reduced to a few percent during morning and evening hours. Thus a tracking drive maintains the effective collecting area at near maximum efficiency. The SolarPlus system incorporates a state-of-the-art solar tracking drive to allow each module to face the sun throughout the day and thus maximize the collection of incident solar energy.