Medical Images

HNu Biotech is developing cutting-edge technologies that far exceed the functionality of those generally available today.

These technologies promise to revolutionize instrumentation in the life sciences in medical, biological and materials research as well as investigation in the field and in forensics across the globe. By vastly extending the accessibility of cutting-edge technologies, the innovations already perfected by HNu Biotech will afford previously inconceivable advances in medical practice with a corresponding improvement in quality of life in both the developed and developing worlds

These innovations will place the power of cutting-edge medical technology and instrumentation at the fingertips of individual clinicians, researchers, students and even patients, eliminating the need for expensive and often inaccessible shared medical facilities. HNu Biotech technology will radically advance clinical medicine with powerful diagnostic cell and tissue imaging tools in a platform accessible to researchers and clinicians at remote locations, as well as to the general public, potentially making conventional diagnostic laboratories obsolete.