hNu Energy

HNu Energy is focused on renewable energy generation, energy storage and high-efficiency sustainable lighting technologies. 

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About Hnu Energy

HNu Energy specializes in the commercialization and integration of solar PV technologies and high- efficiency LED lighting products, made available directly from our warehouse and distributors throughout North America.  HNu is currently selling 5kW-100kW modular solar PV “kits” scalable to over 1MW.  Custom system design and installation services are available, offering homes and businesses a viable economical alternative to traditional electricity generation and distribution models.

HNu Energy has developed a full line of high-efficiency LED lighting products suitable for multiple commercial facilities and institutions:  offices, hotels, resorts, hospitals, laboratories, schools, retail shops and outlets, shopping centers, restaurants, warehouses, etc. Research and development by HNu and its manufacturing partners have resulted in superior products with remarkable efficiencies. HNu’s LED products offer extraordinary longevity, energy savings of 80 to 90% versus comparable halogen lighting and generate virtually heat-free light. HNu’s high-efficiency lighting solutions provide clients with environmentally-sound, high-quality lighting along with a substantial return on investment in the form of a dramatic lowering of operating expenses. HNu Energy is also an established, leading provider of solar PV, LED, wind and energy storage systems.   End-to-end solutions offered include large scale system design, installation and cost/return on investment analysis.

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