HNu Photonics has developed the CHKr Smart Digital Label, Track & Trace System (pronounced “checker”) that provides tracking, traceability, and authentication of tagged components and systems with cradle-to-grave coverage throughout the supply chain.

The Barcode

0 encryption, holds a minimum amount of data, and can only be accessed via scanner.

The QR Code

0 encryption, holds a minimum amount of data and can be accessed by any smartphone.

The RFID Code

basic encryption requires a specific scanner to be read and does not require line-of-sight to be read. It requires a battery, expensive to create.

CHKr, the future

Military-level encryption can be read on any smartphone with the CHKr app downloaded, and stores a multitude of information. Tags can be printed from any printer.

Dramatically Increased Storage Capacity

In addition to its unique anti-counterfeiting features, CHKr 3D Codes dramatically increase the storage capacity of product labels, holding an order of magnitude more information than a standard QR code. Our technology uses photonics (the science of light) to pack more information into the same footprint. We have successfully tested labels that contain 7,000% more information than a standard QR code. This ability to hold much larger quantities of information allows the encoding of provenance and track-and-trace information in the label itself, instead of relying on internal data.

The Future Of Identification

The CHKr system can also provide rapid access to key information including testing, certification, quality assurance, rider information, and operational details to help meet the needs and specific challenges of manufacturers during product production.
CHKr 3D codes combine the ability to store an order of magnitude more information than any other labeling technology along with military-grade encryption that makes them virtually impossible to read or copy without access to a CHKr-enabled reader or smartphone. Despite their state-of-the-art technology, CHKr 3D labels are affordable to implement and can be printed on conventional color printers with certified inks. For applications that require very high levels of security, we offer increased anticounterfeiting capabilities of the label by utilizing conventional printer cartridges incorporating invisible inks.

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