Who We Are
At HNU-PHOTONICS we turn cutting edge ideas into products for our customers - We have extensive manufacturing capability for developing mechanical, opto-mechanical or electro-opto-mechanical technologies that enable customers to bring new products and technologies to market effectively and economically. We have a complete CNC machining facility, optical fabrication and test laboratory, electronics development, and assembly and test laboratory. We have extensive optical and mechanical design software for developing product models to complete manufacturing drawings and specifications. We specialize in creative technical solutions and can manufacture alpha and beta prototypes as well as small production runs of finished products.
MWIR HubbleWe have developed new processes for fabricating hard ceramic materials such as silicon carbide and infrared materials such as germanium. We offer a variety of lightweight optical components and systems including light-weighted low expansion glass, silicon carbide and other materials.

We offer state of the art technology development for industrial, research or military applications.