At HNU-PHOTONICS we specialize in creative technical solutions, turning innovative ideas into new cutting-edge technology.

With our extensive manufacturing capability, we are able to develop mechanical, optomechanical, and electro-opto-mechanical technologies to both match our clients’ vision and bring new technologies to market effectively and economically. 

Welcome To HNu-Photonics

We are a Hawai’i-based company specializing in creative technical solutions. Our vertically-integrated research, design, fabrication, testing, and marketing facility enables HNu Photonics to nurture technological innovations from concept to final product.

We specialize in creative technical solutions and can manufacture alpha and beta prototypes as well as small production runs of finished products. Our facilities include a complete CNC machining facility, optical fabrication, test laboratory, and electronics development. We have extensive optical and mechanical design software for developing product models to complete your manufacturing drawings and specifications.

Our team has developed new processes for fabricating hard ceramic materials and infrared materials thus making the process easier and allowing us to offer our clients entirely in-house designed and constructed products for a lower cost.

Our company offers state-of-the-art technology development for industrial use, research purposes, or military applications.

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HNu Photonics is a science and technology company creating cutting-edge technologies and transforming innovative ideas into state-of-the-art products

Our Services and Technologies


We are developing cutting-edge technologies that far exceed the functionality of those generally available today. These technologies promise to revolutionize instrumentation in the life sciences in medical, biological, and materials research as well as investigation in the field and forensics across the globe.

Instrument Development

We offer electro-opto-mechanical design, fabrication, integration, and testing to develop specific instruments for your projects. our team of experts are constantly advancing the boundaries of what scientific instruments are capable of in order to create the most accurate, durable, and economical instruments for your company.


HNu Defense is developing advanced hyper-dimensional imaging and laser technologies with important military, aviation, and scientific applications. These include state-of-the-art electro-opto-mechanical systems for the Department of Defense, aerospace companies, and universities.


We offer a spectral calibration suite to test your optics over broadband or discrete wavelengths (monochromatic light). With monochromatic illumination, calibrations measure spectral variations with respect to absolute quantum efficiency, transmission, or reflection.